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Chastity Bites Horror Movie

Why Chastity Bites Was Years Ahead of its Time [Editorial]

Thankfully, feminist horror films and female-positive cinema are becoming more and more commonplace of late. And we owe a debt of gratitude for the shifting paradigm to movements like Me Too and Time&...

Black Christmas

Black Christmas is the Perfect Horror Movie to End 2019 [Review]

The release of Black Christmas 2019 brings with it a lot of baggage, given the title’s connection to the beloved 1974 original and its unfairly maligned, yet inarguably messy, 2006 remake. Haven...

Halloween, Ginger Snaps - A Look Back at the Best and Worst of Early 2000's Horror

Ginger Snaps Helped the Horror Genre While Finding its Audience

Ginger Snaps–as I’ve written about here–is one of the best horror movies of the past fifteen years, period. It’s among the great werewolf films of all time. Yes, it was independent a...

Looking at Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale Through the Eyes of Feminist Horror

If you are not watching The Handmaid’s Tale, then I urge you to begin to do so immediately. In lieu of any plot synopsis or spoiler warnings, I will shamelessly urge you to read my previous article lo...

Halloween, Ginger Snaps - A Look Back at the Best and Worst of Early 2000's Horror

Ginger Snaps is an Essential Feminist Horror Movie

Through most of history, werewolf stories and films were pretty aggressively male. They were about secret urges, hidden primal instincts. The Wolf Man is a great example of this. Larry Talbot is a man...

the craft - Feminism in the craft

Why The Craft is a Cult Favorite (Almost Twenty Years Later)

If you ask almost anyone to list their favorite horror films from the 1990’s and The Craft will likely come up. It’s beloved by horror fans and even non-horror fans. It’s become not just a standout ho...

The Rage: Carrie 2 - Seven Unexpectedly Feminist Horror Movies

Seven Unexpectedly Feminist Horror Movies

Horror is not an inherently misogynist genre, despite what critics, parental groups and conservative personalities have been trying to say for decades. There are some misogynist works and always probl...


Felt Brings Viewers Face-to-Face With Rape Culture [Advance Review]

Felt opens up with Amy (played by Amy Everson, co-writer) in tears, clearly having just suffered some form of tragedy or abuse. There are hints and references as to what that was exactly, but we’ll ge...

Ladies of the House

Advance Review: Ladies of the House

Ladies of the House is the kind of rape/revenge horror we don’t see much of anymore. It’s about three guys out enjoying an evening at a strip club when they get the horrible, horrible idea to follow o...

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