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Over your dead body

Over Your Dead Body [Frightfest 2015 Review]

Acclaimed Japanese film-maker Takashi Miike sticks to his tried and tested formula of making at least one movie per year with chilly revenge shocker Over Your Dead Body, a flick that boldly attempts t...

Bottom 5: Worst Of Frightfest 2015

As difficult as it was to choose five top flicks from this year’s remarkably strong Frightfest lineup, it’s been even harder to find movies not to recommend. 2015 boasted an incredibly hig...

Worst of Frightfest - Best of Frightfest

Top 5: Best Of Frightfest 2015

The Frightfest line-up was particularly strong this year, with far more good films on offer than bad, or even passable. On average, those with weekend passes would’ve caught about 25 movies tota...


Howl [FrightFest Review]

Special effects maestro turned horror director Paul Hyett (The Seasoning House) returns to the genre with Howl, essentially An American Werewolf In London crossed with Stalled. The flick takes place, ...


Curtain [FrightFest 2015 Review]

As kooky premises go, a haunted shower curtain–or rather a mysterious vortex hidden behind bathroom tiles that sucks shower curtains into  it–is among the most bizarre imaginable. Enter Cu...

Bite Movie

Bite [Frightfest 2015 Review]

Along with The Hallow, Bite was THE must-watch movie of Frightfest 2015, its reputation for making punters vomit and pass out preceding it and leaving body horror fans salivating with anticipation. Bi...

Night of the Living Deb

Night Of The Living Deb May be Even More Fun than Shaun of the Dead [Review]

Shaun Of The Dead is an institution. For a director to come right out and openly describe his movie as a female version of it is not just brave, it’s downright cocky. Thankfully, Night Of The Li...

Most Likely to Die

Most Likely To Die [Frightfest 2015 Review]

Decent slasher movies are hard to come by, particularly in the torture and paranormal activity obsessed noughties. Most Likely To Die, the latest feature from popular horror director Anthony DiBlasi (...


Aaaaaaaah! [Frightfest 2015 Review]

The curse of the self-reviewing title strikes again with Aaaaaaaah!, the bafflingly dreadful feature directorial debut from Sightseers scribe/star Steve Oram. In its IMDb description, the question ...

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