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Five of the Most Overlooked Hammer Horror Movies

After the Universal era of horror movies through the 1930’s and ’40’s, the genre began to die out and was replaced by science fiction. It looked like horror was all but dead until Ha...

Christopher Lee Dracula Adaptation

Why Hammer’s Dracula Franchise Eclipsed Universal’s

Universal’s Dracula was an enormous hit and has become one of the most iconic horror films of all time. It accomplished so much with so little, hinging entirely on the performances its actors and the ...

The Mummy - Dracula - Mummies on Film

Cursed: The Troubled History of Mummies on Film

Mummies haven’t really gotten their due on film. They’ve never been as popular as vampires or werewolves and zombies have always been the ruling class of shambling corpses. Sure, there have been no sh...

Horror of Dracula 1958

Horror of Dracula: How it Cemented the Hammer Legacy

Hammer Films burst onto the scene in 1957 with The Curse of Frankenstein. And just like the early days of Universal, one followed the other and a Dracula movie was put into production right away. Curs...

The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death poster

Advance Review: The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death

[soliloquy id=”16989″] When Hammer, legendary film studio and proponents of the great Christopher Lee as Dracula, first announced plans to adapt popular stage show The Woman In Black (itse...

The Woman in Black 2 Releases a Motion Comic

We have a new motion comic to share with you in support of The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. So come inside and have yourself a look. You can feast your eyes on the motion comic in the viewer belo...

The Woman in Black 2

Relativity Debuts A New One Sheet for The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

We have a new poster for The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. And as always, we have your first look at the newly released artwork after the jump, so come inside and have a look for yourself.  Click to...

Poster for Woman in Black 2. Woman in Black Angel of Death

We’ve Conjured Five New Images from The Woman in Black 2!

Today marks the debut of a series of new images in anticipation of the upcoming film The Woman in Black 2. And as always, we have your first look at the newly released shots after the jump, so come in...

Woman in black 2. Woman in Black One Sheet. The Woman in Black: Angel of Death movie poster directed by Tom Harper.

Relativity Debuts a New Woman in Black 2 Trailer

Relativity Media has debuted a new Woman in Black 2 trailer in anticipation of the film’s upcoming theatrical bow. And as always, we have a first look at the preview available for you to check out aft...

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