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Classic Horror

Horrifying Visions, Betrayal and Familiar Faces in Stranger Things: SIX #2

Y’all. Y’all! Things are really heating up in the new issue of Stranger Things: SIX. Just when I thought I couldn’t love this sinister prequel anymore we get a delightfully weird tri...

Why Ghostbusters 2 is Actually Kind of Awesome

Ghostbusters 2 gets a lot of hate. I mean, it’s gotten hate for the past thirty years. And yeah, as you could tell by the title, I’m here to explain to you why Ghostbusters 2, the black sheep of the f...

horror sequels nobody asked for

Mutant Snowmen and CHUDs Named Bud: Horror Sequels Nobody Asked For

Horror sequels are everywhere. They always have been. When every other kind of horror movie comes and goes, they survive. If something is even remoltely successful, it will usually get a sequel. And t...


Mosquito is a Shameless, Goofy Good Time

If there’s one low budget monster movie that people my age tend to remember, even if they’re not necessarily horror fans, it’s Mosquito. I can’t really fathom why that is, but I always have friends co...

Lake Placid - Paul's Doro's Top Five Movies to Watch on Halloween

What a Croc: Revisiting Lake Placid

While killer animal movies are among the most popular and prevalent horror offerings being produced today, very few are actually remembered as classics. Really, there’s Jaws and that’s about it. Most ...

Friday the 13th

Six Reasons We’re Still Nostalgic For ’80s Horror

The 1980s are considered by a great number of fans to be the golden age of horror cinema. A lot of people grew up in the era, so it is only natural that they are so affected by the movies made within ...

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

How Well Does The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue Hold Up Today?

I recently decided to give the underrated Italian gem, The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue a try and I’m glad I did. The premise of the film is simple yet effective. An incident at a petrol station i...

Castle Freak

Why Castle Freak Works as a Dark Family Drama

Stuart Gordon’s first feature film, Re-Animator, was one of those rare movies that became an instant cult classic. It didn’t have a huge release. It was exhibited without an MPAA rating, but people at...

Pumpkinhead - Nat's Favorite Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Vengeance: The Demon – How Pumpkinhead Became a Cult Classic

Stan Winston’s Pumpkinhead is one of the most underrated monster movies of all time. It took a couple of years after completion for it to gain an audience, and then a few years after that for it to de...

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