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Music for Horror Fans, including Artists and Soundtracks.

10 Horror Themed Bands You Should Be Listening To

As a fan of horror entertainment, I attempt to digest all I can, in as many forms as I can. Movies, cartoons, comic books, etc. But I feel that horror fans sometimes forget a very important facet of h...

Composer Sam Ewing Discusses AMC’s The Walking Dead [Exclusive]

AMC is introducing a few new characters to The Walking Dead in Season ten, including Thora Birch’s Gamma, and behind the scenes they are also bringing on new creatives, one of them being composer Sam ...

Protector 101

Protector 101 Drops By For a Chat [Exclusive]

Wicked Horror recently had the chance to sit down and chat with horror-inspired Synthwave artist Protector 101. He opened up about his life long love of horror movies, his new album Killbots, and ever...

Protector 101: Killbots

Protector 101: Killbots Is Auditory Pandemonium [Album Review]

Synthwave composer Protector 101 is back to the delight of fans and synth aficionados everywhere. Recently, the artist dropped his latest album Killbots to favorable reviews by listeners. With an ever...

Church of Xul

Church of Xul delivers occult goodness [Album Review]

Coming off the successful run of their Billboard charting debut, Satan’s favorite hip-hop trio, Alla Xul Elu are back. Recently released, Church of Xul is a seven track ride through the depraved psych...

Ice Nine Kills The Silver Scream

Ice Nine Kills Has The Cure For Post Halloween Blues

Are you feeling the post-Halloween blues? I think all of us horrorphiles are. People are talking about the upcoming Christmas holiday, whereas I am in the process of planning next Halloween’s wicked f...

Album Review: Prequelle is Ghost at Their Finest

On June 1st, Sweden’s occult rock hero’s Ghost released their 4th album entitled Prequelle to mostly favorable reviews and fan approval. As of this writing Prequelle is hitting the Top 10 in album cha...


Event Report: Ghost Haunts Columbus, Ohio

Whether you love or hate the band Ghost they have their legion of fans and a Grammy win in their corner so they must be doing something right. Ghost has hit the road this summer crossing North America...

The Guest

Retro Groove: Seven of the Best Horror Soundtracks of the Decade So Far

Something beautiful is happening in horror right now… well, in the soundtracks at least. There have been so many films made recently with a retro tone and style, harkening back to the colorful pop of ...

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