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Wes Craven - Surprising Early Jobs of Your Favorite Horror Movie Directors

Remember One of the Greats with Wes Craven: Interviews [Book Review]

Wes Craven was a quiet, kind man who made violently transgressive films. The writers he chatted with pointed out the seeming conundrum frequently in the new compilation, Wes Craven: Interviews. Tony W...

Seven Must-Read Lois Duncan Novels!

When we at Wicked Horror were discussing aspects of Women in Horror Month, the first name that came to mind for me was Lois Duncan. From actors to filmmakers to writers, there are so many women repres...

Going to Pieces

Seven Horror Reference Books Every Fan Should Read

There’s a great point during the process of becoming a horror movie fan where you begin to get this urge to see everything. Whatever you hear about, you want to track down. But after that passes, ther...

Five Horror Novelizations worth a Closer Look

A now dying art for fans of the horror genre, the novelization once enhanced the experience for the carnage obsessed bookworm. Arguably a way for the filmmakers to further cash in on a movie, the nove...

Western/Horror Film Hybrids that work surprisingly well. Vampires.- Vampire Novels that went widely overlooked

Six Vampire Novels That Went Widely Overlooked

While they may have faded from the teen fiction world in recent years, vampire novels have always dominated genre literature and haven’t really gone away. The Strain trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and ...

Puppet Master 4

Book Review: It Came from the Video Aisle Is a Comprehensive History of/Love-Letter To Full Moon

Full Moon Entertainment was a titan of the video era. From Mom & Pop stores to the local supermarket, wherever you could rent a movie, you would find Full Moon. Even casual fans of the studio—of m...

The Fury reissue book cover larger

Book Review – The Fury by John Farris

Horror fans will most likely know the story of The Fury through Brian DePalma’s 1978 film adaptation. Released just two years after his other classic movie about teens with supernatural powers, ...

Zombie-In-Chief by Scott Kenemore book cover

Book Review – Zombie-In-Chief: Eater of the Free World by Scott Kenemore

We all need a reason to laugh these days. And if you’re on one particular side of the political spectrum with regards to our current president, then I have the perfect book recommendation for yo...

Hellboy: An Assortment of Horrors Is A Fantastic Anthology Collection For Diehard And Casual Fans Alike

Hellboy: An Assortment of Horrors is a prose anthology consisting of a written word collection of 16 different stories from various authors who are lending their own twist to the Hellboy universe. Aut...

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