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Horror Comedy

Evil Bong High-5

Evil Bong High-5 Is A Lovable B-Movie That Delivers Plenty Of Debauchery

Evil Bong High-5 is the fifth proper installment in the Evil Bong franchise, from Full Moon Features, the creators of the Puppermaster and Gingerdead Man series. It follows in the wake of su...

Nina Forever

Review: Nina Forever Is A Sweet, Sexy And Surprisingly Poignant Rom-Zom-Com

Back in 2004, a little British zombie flick, with an on-the-nose title, called Shaun Of The Dead bludgeoned its way into our collective hearts while simultaneously, and somewhat unknowingly, kick-star...

Nina Forever

5 Great Rom-Zom-Coms (That Aren’t Shaun Of The Dead)

Shaun Of The Dead was released a whopping twelve years ago, this year, and in its wake there have been many, lesser pretenders to the throne – hell, the flick coined its own sub-genre, the lovin...

Bloodsucking Bastards

Bloodsucking Bastards [Review]

Who doesn’t enjoy an action-packed horror comedy with vampire, blood, gore and slackers? Bloodsucking Bastards is a brand new horror comedy taking place in a office building. The film focuses on...

1980’s Horror Comedies That Defined Their Decade

The 1980’s, among many other things, was the golden age of horror comedies. There had been great films combining horror and humor dating back at least to Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein and so...

A Haunted House 2

A Haunted House 2 is an Unneeded Sequel

Sometimes sequels shouldn’t be made, and unfortunately for A Haunted House, directed by Michael Tiddes and written by Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez, this was the case. I actually quite enjoyed ...

Malcolm and girlfriend Kisha and Jenny and Steve do an ouija board to try and contact the demon in a Haunted house directed by Michael Tiddes.

A Haunted House is Unapologetic and Has No Boundaries

Written by Marlon Wayans and directed by Michael Tiddes, A Haunted House is crass, unapologetic and has no boundaries with its aggressive and crude nature. A Haunted House opens as Malcolm (Marlon Way...

Tucker and Tale Vs Evil horror movie.

Horror Comedies- For Fans Of A Scarily Good Time

Even those who tend to shy away from horror movies can usually handle the ones with a good sense of humor. There is long history of B-movie horror pictures that are known for their campy laughs as muc...

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