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Comic Review: Predator Hunters Issue #2 Brings More Predator Magic

The Predators of the beloved comic and movie franchise are back in the thrilling new series Predator Hunters, from Dark Horse Comics. The series revolves around a team of humans who are tired of Predators being the more advanced, killer species and decide to take the fight to the Predator’s door and take back our alpha species status in the process. Predator Hunters Issue 2 picks up with the team and their new member, Nakai from issue #1, as they fill him in on the details of his first mission as a predator hunter.

Predator Hunters Issue #2

Overall, Predator Hunters Issue #2 brings more intrigue, plot, and a great new character with a bad-ass name (Mandy Graves), to the table. This issue will give readers the juicy bits about their final destination and the inevitable battle that will take place between the hunters and the Predator they are indeed hunting. The excitement builds up in Predator Hunters Issue #2, but just enough to leave you starving for issue #3. I highly recommend this for any Predator or sci-fi superfan, but if you haven’t read issue #1, read it immediately first!

Catch Predator Hunters Issue #2 when Dark Horse releases it on June 7th, 2017!


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