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Halloween PSA Trick 'R Treat 2 - Six Creepy Trick or Treaters We Wouldn't Want to Be Visited By - films to watch on halloween

Eight Movies from the New Millennium that are Already Classics

People are very quick to complain about the current state of horror. Nothing’s scary anymore, everything’s found footage, a glorified torture flick, or a remake. I get it. Theatrical horror drove itse...

Funny Games

Why the Remake of Funny Games Beats the Original

It seems strange to say that the American remake of anything tops the original, and in most cases it definitely isn’t true. It’s not even a great idea for films to be remade for an American audience i...


Why Deader is the Diamond in the Rough of the Latter Hellraiser Sequels

There was a time when Hellraiser was on the fast track to be the biggest, most imaginative, most sophisticated franchise of all time. The first two films are a one-two punch of not only great storytel...

Saw - Wan and Whannell

Fresh Take: Looking Back on Saw After Over a Decade

I never thought I would find myself writing about Saw. As time went on, though, I got to a point where I couldn’t quite remember why that was. What was my problem with it? After a decade of dismissal,...

Why Christine Brown in Drag Me to Hell Deserved Everything She Got

Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell is equal parts Evil Dead and Thinner. It’s a supernatural Romani revenge story told through Raimi’s signature style. It’s over-the-top and things go insane, just the way yo...

Behind the Mask

Why Behind the Mask is Still One of the Smartest Horror Films of the Past 10 Years

It’s hard to believe that Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is already ten years old. Unlike many horror films released in the past ten years, I saw this one when it was still relatively new....

Grindhouse throwbacks that work astonishingly well - The House of the Devil

Grindhouse Throwback Horrors That Work Astonishingly Well

Much of the 2000s was spent revisiting the horror of the 1970s. There were a lot of reasons for this. The horror films of the ‘70s were extremely specific to their time and the cultural fears of that ...

Cherry Falls

Why Now is the Time to Revisit Cherry Falls

I’m a bit of an apologist for the post-Scream era of horror. I think I Know What You Did Last Summer is actually kind of fun and stylish, Urban Legend is a slick feature with a great cast, The Faculty...

Why High Tension Still Divides Fans 13 Years Later

High Tension, which is also known by the names Haute Tension and Switchblade Romance, is one of the most important horror films of the early 2000’s. It helped to usher in the movement now known as New...

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