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Early slasher movies that should have become classics - The Burning -Shameless ripoffs that gave the original a run for its money

Early Slasher Movies That Should Have Become Classics

There are a lot of slasher movies have become classics in the horror genre. Psycho is widely thought of as the grand-daddy of this sub-genre and is viewed as one of the best horror titles of all time....

The Zero Boys 1986 Movie

Why The Zero Boys is Almost a Perfect 10

One of the best and most exciting things about being a horror fan to me is the act of discovery. The deeper you delve into the genre, the more you will find all those precious hidden gems sprinkled wi...

Joyce (Lori Lethin) and her brother Timmy (K.C. Martel) doing some research on astrology in Ed Hunt's Bloody Birthday.

Bloody Birthday is a So Bad it’s Good Masterpiece

Bloody Birthday sees three children that were born on the eve of an eclipse preparing for a giant celebration in honor of their tenth birthday. Because their birth occurred during an eclipse, the youn...

The House on Sorority Row

The House on Sorority Row is a Dark, Revenge-Fueled Slasher

The House on Sorority Row follows the exploits of a group of sorority girls who just want to have fun and anyone that stands in the way of their fun is going to pay the price. When their crotchety hou...