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Script to Pieces: Candyman Sequel that was also The Midnight Meat Train

Story Within a Story: Why the Structured Narrative of Candyman Works so Well

Candyman is, without a doubt, one of the best horror films of the 1990’s. This was a decade in which horror was constantly questioning and trying to redefine itself. What had worked in the 1980’s? Wha...

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Should be Remembered as One of Tim Burton’s Best!

Almost everything Tim Burton has done in his career has been influenced by Gothic horror. His influences stretch back from the Hammer era to silent classics like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. While he ...

Idle Hands

Idle Hands is an Essential Horror Comedy That Never Found its Audience

Horror in the 1990’s was a very different thing from the ‘80’s. Where the previous decade produced cult classic after cult classic (with the titles that didn’t make it to theaters becoming big hits on...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Next Generation

The Insane Legacy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the most infamous, endearing horror films in history. It has lasted for 40 years, and by this point it’s probably safe to say that it will probably never go away...

'90s horror - Scream Franchise - '90s Horror

’90s Horror Movies That Defined the Decade

The ’90s was an interesting decade for horror. It stumbled a bit in the first half and became insanely commercial in the second half. Each end of the spectrum was covered with very little in bet...

Castle Freak 1995 poster

Five 90’s Horror Movies That Fell Through the Cracks

The 1990’s were an up and down decade for horror. It was the height of video store popularity, with much of the decade’s success coming from the birth of straight-to-video labels like Full Moon and Ve...