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Midsommar Was a Let Down: Here’s Why

Midsommar was not the movie that I wanted, needed, or even hoped it would be. As the year 2019 wraps up and everyone is making their best and worst lists, I wanted to revisit a couple films that reall...

Your Savior Arrives in A24’s Saint Maud Trailer

A24’s latest horror flick, Saint Maud, marks the featuring film screenwriting and directorial debut of rising star Rose Glass. The trailer is a wild ride from start to finish. Bizarre, intense, ...

Green Room Movie - starring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart

Red Band Trailer for Green Room is Dread-Inducing

A24 has just released a red band trailer for Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room. It is one of the most intense trailers I’ve seen recently and it delivers palpable tension in its two and a half ...

The Witch

New Trailer for The Witch Plays a Wicked Game of Peek A Boo

A24 has reached out to share a second terrifying trailer for their soon-to-be-released horror film The Witch. This time around, the action centers around a particularly eery game of peek a boo. We hav...