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Ed and Lorraine Warren

True Horror: Are Ed and Lorraine Warren Actually Frauds?

Ed and Lorraine Warren are two of the most divisive names in the paranormal field. Their cases, of course, are legend. And they have found even more success as the subjects of the 2013 film The Conjur...

Killer Dolls Featured Image

And Ode To The Lesser Known Killer Dolls of Horror Cinema

Few tropes have been as long-lasting in horror as the killer doll motif. While vampire, werewolf and haunted house movies have had a tendency to fall in and out of fashion at random intervals, movies ...

Review: Annabelle: Creation Is Bad. So Very, Very Bad.

Annabelle: Creation is a terrible title. It’s one step away from Annabelle: Origins and makes about as much sense. The poster for the flick is even worse utilising, as it does, practically every...

Annabelle The Dark Tower

We Have New Stills from The Dark Tower and Annabelle!

We have two new stills to share with you from the upcoming feature films, Annabelle: Creation and The Dark Tower. The snaps come courtesy of the  Yahoo! Movies Summer Preview. The pic from The Dark To...

The Dark Tapes - Five movies that should be on your radar

5 Movies that Should be on Your Radar

Anticipating release dates for horror films can be just as much fun as actually watching them. Ideally I would love to be the first in line at every horror movie premiere, or to be the first customer ...


The Very First Teaser For Annabelle 2 Is Here!

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s first, behind-the-scenes look from the set of Annabelle 2, we have got our very first teaser for the movie. Director David F. Sandberg (@ponysmasher on Twitter) shared ...


Annabelle 2 Begins Filming & More Cast Announcements

As previously reported, Annabelle 2, the sequel to Conjuring spinoff Annabelle, has been moving ahead with casting under the watchful eye of David F. Sandberg (Lights Out). And now, filming has begun ...


Annabelle 2 Casting News & More Plot Details

The Lord Of The Rings star Miranda Otto has just boarded David Sandberg’s upcoming Annabelle 2, the sequel to the mega-hit spinoff of The Conjuring. Director Sandberg previously described the fl...

Jeremy Aiello

Exclusive: Jaremy Aiello On 25 Years Of Making Monsters

You can learn a great deal about an industry by spending some 25 years in it, even when that industry has as many ebbs, flows, and technology upgrades as the booming film and television industries. In...

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