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Tales from the Darkside

Five Unsung Anthology Movies Worth a Second Look

Anthology movies are underrated sub-genre in general. The format tends to have better luck on TV, where people can see a different story every week. The anthology movies that are beloved are held to a...

Why Twilight Zone: The Movie is One of the Most Overlooked Anthology Films

[soliloquy id=”17249″] Horror anthology films were very successful in the 1980’s in a way that they have not since been, unfortunately. Some of the best of the sub-genre came about during ...

le fear project

The Fear Project- Upcoming Horror Anthology

[soliloquy id=”8178″] Set to be released in 2015, we have upcoming horror anthology, The Fear Project, directed by a number of new and exciting directors. The Fear Project is a found foota...

VHS 1 & 2

V/H/S 1 & 2 – Tapes Of Terror

[soliloquy id=”584″] Now I’d like to speak about both films, as personally, I loved them and I cannot mention just one without the other, so lets start with the first: V/H/S-  I̵...

The Theatre Bizarre

The Theatre Bizarre is a Series of Strange Shorts

What an apt title for this weird and not-so-wonderful anthology feature. Directed by seven different directors, including Karim Hussain who had a stab at The ABC’s of Death cinematography, The T...