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Review: Don’t Pull Over for Zombie-Thriller Breakdown Lane

Call the tow truck, ‘cause this one’s a clunker. Now when I first kicked the tires a decent concept fell out: Kirby Lane’s (Whitney Moore) SUV breaks down on a desert road. She calls OnStar. A charmin...

Night of the Comet

How Night of the Comet Lightened the Apocalypse

There were a lot of end-of-the-world movies made in the 1980’s. Unlike the swarm of natural disaster flicks that would begin to follow in the 1990’s, these films were usually delved into science-ficti...

High Rise Poster

Blu-Ray Review – High-Rise

Welcome to the newest, most posh high-rise in London. It’s forty stories tall and has all the latest technology and amenities a tenant could want–a gym, a pool, a spa, even a market. Young...

in defense of the remake - dawn of the dead

Zombie Movies and Humanity’s Fascination With a Post-Apocalyptic World  

Within the horror genre, there are a seemingly endless stream of zombie movies that take place in a post-apocalyptic world. Movies such as Dawn of the Dead and World War Z fantasize about a society in...