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Book Review – Island Red by Matt Serafini

If you’ve ever wondered what a mashup of Jaws and The Thing would be like, author Matt Serafini has the answer. His latest book Island Red was released by Severed Press on July 2, and offers a q...

MEG - Oceanic Horror - Steve Alten - Nightstalkers

Exclusive Interview: Steve Alten Talks Meg And More!

Steve Alten is the author of the popular Meg series, about a massive prehistoric megalodon shark awakened in the modern era. There are five books in the series, with the fifth having just hit stands, ...

MEG - Oceanic Horror - Steve Alten - Nightstalkers

Why Oceanic Horror is a Subgenre Worth Diving Into

Everyone remembers the first time they saw Jaws, whether they watched it during its initial theatrical run or just scrolled by it on the SyFy Channel one day. It was a hugely impactful, influential pi...

barracuda (1978)

Barracuda (1978) [Cult Corner]

Welcome to Cult Corner where we dive through the bargain bins to determine if a movie is trash or treasure. Today’s pick…Harry Kerwin and Wayne Crawford’s Barracuda. To start things off Ba...

The Drownsman film poster.

The Drownsman is Making Waves on DVD and Blu This Spring

The aquatic horror feature The Drownsman, which garnered a positive response from its festival run, is headed for DVD and Blu-ray this Spring. The film snagged best picture awards at several different...