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Ash vs Evil Dead

Five Horror Series Cancelled Too Soon (and Five That Need to End)

We’ve all been there. The dreaded announcement that one of your favorite horror series is coming to an abrupt and unsatisfying end. Due to budget issues, low viewership, or disagreements on set,...

Ash vs Evil Dead Complete Collection

Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection is the Groovy and Spectacular Swan Song of an Icon [Blu-Ray Review]

When prophecies spoke of a timeless hero, they were probably alluding to someone with a tad more integrity and someone less fond of dick jokes than Ash Williams. In a war against ancient evil, however...

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 [Blu-Ray Review]

The Starz original series Ash vs. Evil Dead has come to a close, as has Bruce Campbell’s tenure as Ashley J. Williams, spanning over thirty years. It’s a bittersweet ending. This was not planned to be...

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Blu-ray Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead Season Two

Ash vs. Evil Dead is a show that I don’t think any fan of the franchise actually thought they would live to see. Bruce Campbell would never shy away from trying to let fans down easy at conventions, s...

Unboxing Horror Block

Horror Block: Unboxing March 2017

Nerd Block is a subscription mystery box that delivers geeky collectibles right to your door each month. You can choose whatever theme box you are into–there’s the Classic Block, Arcade Block, Sci-Fi ...

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Ash vs. Evil Dead Adds a New Series Regular to Season Three

Season three of Ash vs. Evil Dead has booked Australian actress Arielle Carver-O’Neill (pictured below) for a recurring role in the upcoming third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead. According to Deadline, &...

Behold, NECA’s Glorious Ashy Slashy Puppet!

It was first rumoured back in December, but now we have official confirmation (and a rad pic) that, very soon, you’ll be able to buy your very own Ashy Slashy puppet, straight out of Ash Vs. Evi...

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Ash vs. Evil Dead Renewed For Third Season!

New York Comic Con has brought perhaps the best news possible for connoisseurs of Deadites and sizeable chins alike, as the hugely popular Ash Vs. Evil Dead has officially been renewed for its third s...

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2

Ash is back! The show nobody believed would actually happen and still couldn’t believe when it actually did has revved up the chainsaw and loaded up the boomstick for a sophomore season—and it’s done ...

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