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The Pack

Review: The Pack Is Fast, Ferocious And Fearsome

The phrase “Jaws with [insert other creature here]” has been so overused over the past forty years as to render it redundant. In the case of inspired Aussie creature feature The Pack howev...

The Loved Ones

Why The Loved Ones is a Triumph of Modern Indie Horror Filmmaking

This Australian gem centers around a boy named Brent who lost his Father in a car accident. He frequently cuts himself and suffers from severe depression. There’s a void between him and his mother, an...


Not Quite Horror: Snowtown (2011)

Horror is evolving as a genre. Although your local multiplex is still peppered with the usual contenders, look a bit closer and you’ll find the latest drama, thriller, or crime offering is closer to h...

These Final Hours

These Final Hours [FrightFest Review]

At Frightfest 2014, a Spanish, post-apocalyptic thriller called The Last Days stunned audiences into submission, mostly because it was such a nice surprise and nobody really thought much of it based o...

baby spiders fall from sky in the Australia.

It’s Raining Nightmares – Baby Spiders Fall From The Sky!

Just last month, New York Daily News reported that thousands of baby spiders literally blocked the sun in the Australian town of Goulburn. Many believed it was snowing down under but it was much more ...

Kiah Roache-Turner on Wyrmwood

Kiah Roache-Turner on Wyrmwood [Exclusive Interview]

Australian post-apocalyptic zombie action film Wyrmwood (review) is really gaining some traction now that it’s finally available in select theaters and on VOD. And it doesn’t look to be sl...

The Babadook - Daniel's top five 2014

Is It Just Me, Or Is The Babadook Totally Overrated?

In this new, monthly series, a Wicked Horror writer presents an unpopular opinion about a particular genre offering and asks the oft-repeated question, “Is it just me?” In this installment...

Advance Review – Wyrmwood

[soliloquy id=”18443″] Wyrmwood is a movie about the zombie apocalypse (as many movies are these days). It follows two main plot threads. First off, we have Barry (Jay Gallagher) who teams...

Anti Valentine's Day Films Australian horror the loved ones directed by sean bryne

Five More Australian Horror Films to Watch After the Babadook

A few days ago, we took a look at Five Australian Horror Films to Watch After the Babadook. It garnered quite a bit of attention and suggestions from readers, so we’re following it up today with five ...

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