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The Stuff

The Stuff is a Smart Social Satire [Retrospective]

Corporate espionage specialist David ‘Mo’ Rutherford embarks on an assignment to uncover the formula for the exceptionally popular dessert The Stuff. He quickly discovers that the ingredients are more...

New Year's Evil

New Year’s Evil is a Banal Holiday Horror Offering

In New Year’s Evil, Diane Sullivan, the host of a live New Year’s Eve broadcast gets a sinister phone call from a creep suggesting that he will kill someone when the clock strikes midnight in ea...

Poster for Larry Stewart's The Initiation.

The Initiation Retrospective – Another Sorority House Slasher

[soliloquy id=”5122″] A bit of a forgotten slasher effort of the ‘80s, The Initiation follows the exploits of sorority hopeful Kelly Fairchild (Daphne Zuniga) as she pledges a sorority dur...

Poster for Umberto Lenzi's Welcome to Spring Break.

Welcome to Spring Break (Nightmare Beach) Retrospective

[soliloquy id=”5427″] In Welcome to Spring Break, Diablo, a sadistic gang leader from a small tourist town is executed by way of electric chair. But, wait. He may be back from the grave an...