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Carrie smiling as prom queen

Explore the Power of Carrie with Scream Factory’s New Blu-Ray

Scream Factory is a company that has been killing it over the last few years by providing excellent Blu-Ray versions of some of the best the genre has to offer. Naturally, they save their most anticip...

Crimson Peak

Blu-ray Review: Crimson Peak is an Atmospheric Gothic Ghost Story

In Crimson Peak a young woman moves into her new husband’s family home, which is located atop a mountain made of red clay. Once there, she begins to notice restless spirits lurking around the pr...

Last Witch Hunter

Advance Blu-ray Review: The Last Witch Hunter is Better than You’ve heard

Kaulder, a valiant witch hunter is cursed with immortality by the queen witch and when he reaches modern times, he is the only one of his kind remaining. Witches, however, still abound in great number...

Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension

Blu-Ray Review: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

A family finds an old camera and a series of videotapes in their new home. The tapes show bizarre and frightening acts and the camera evidently has the ability to detect the entities lurking all aroun...

deathgasm - Zena’s Top Five Horror Films of 2015

Blu-ray Review: Deathgasm is Hilarious and Brutal!

New kid in school Milo has no one in the world to relate to until he meets fellow metalhead Zakk. Together, the guys form a band called Deathgasm and inadvertently unleash Satanic chaos on the world w...

Black Cats

Blu-Ray Review – Edgar Allan Poe’s Black Cats: Two Adaptations by Sergio Martino and Lucio Fulci

Edgar Allan Poe has been the inspiration for many filmmakers and writers over the years. Adaptations of his stories, and even his life, are all over the place and for very good reason. Tales of madnes...

Gravy Movie Banner

Gravy (2015) [Advance Review]

Gravy sees a deranged clan of cannibals taking a group of restaurant employees hostage and trying to force their unusual set of sensibilities on the culinary workers. The results are…unusual to ...