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Five Horror Comedies That are Worth Another Look

Horror comedy is one of the most accessible sub-genres. After all, most people who watch horror movies are looking to laugh at them anyway. When done right, the balance of scares and humor will cause ...


How Martin and Vampire’s Kiss are Strikingly Similar in Their Portrayal of Vampires

Whether it’s treated as an ancient bloodline or a chronic disease, vampirism has been depicted in countless forms across popular culture. Though some of the most common vampire traits include im...

Lumberjack Man

Lumberjack Man [8 Films to Die for Review]

In Lumberjack Man, a group of teens head out for a week-long retreat at the Good Friends Church Camp. Naturally, they are unaware that the angry spirit of a logger has resurfaced to take his bloody ve...


Why You Should Watch Society if You Haven’t Already!

Society is a horror film that takes jabs at the world we live in and it’s definitely a feature you need to see if you haven’t already. I absolutely love 80s horror; therefore, it was shock...

Burying the Ex

Burying the Ex [Review]

It’s beyond incredible that Joe Dante is almost 70 years old and still making entertaining movies. His latest film, Burying the Ex focuses on a laid back guy named Max who works at a horror bout...

Cover art for Video Violence on VHS

Overlooked and Underrated: Video Violence

Video Violence is probably the best of the shot-on-video horror sub-genre, which is not great by definition. It’s a different mentality, it’s true no-budget filmmaking and the movies alway...

The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit Scheduled for 2015

Deadline reports that M. Night Shyamalan’s new flick for Universal, The Visit (formerly Sundowning), has scored a release date. Universal Pictures has acquired worldwide distribution rights to T...

The movie Le Fear 2: Le Sequel

Advance Review- Le Fear 2: Le Sequel

[soliloquy id=”12461″] Le Fear 2: Le Sequel is the low-budget sequel to Jason Croot’s movie Le Fear. It’s a comedy-horror mockumentary film within a film about the horrors of making ...

A Haunted House 2

A Haunted House 2 is an Unneeded Sequel

Sometimes sequels shouldn’t be made, and unfortunately for A Haunted House, directed by Michael Tiddes and written by Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez, this was the case. I actually quite enjoyed ...

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