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My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer Is A Heart-Wrenchingly Accurate Portrait Of One Of America’s Most Infamous Serial Killers

My Friend Dahmer, a graphic novel written by John (or Derf) Backderf, is a conglomeration of the author’s experiences as a classmate of the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer and the facts, as we know them now, ...

Hack/Slash - Lesser known horror comics that should become movies or series.

Seven Lesser-Known Horror Comics That Deserve the Movie/TV Treatment

There are so many great horror comics out there in the world right now. While the industry can change at any time, it definitely seems like we’re in the middle of a boom for horror comics and the like...

Puppet Master's Blade - Puppet Master

Comic Review: Puppet Master #14

Puppet Master has been a great comic in terms of character arcs and bringing back old, classic elements and characters from the franchise. It’s been excelling at that recently. But issue #14 works for...

A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Comics

A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Comics

So after reading the dozens of comic reviews here on Wicked Horror, or perhaps after a lifetime of vague interest you’ve decided to collect comic books. Welcome, friend! As a long time comic enthusias...

Horrific Moments from Mainstream Comics

Seven of the Most Horrific Moments from Mainstream Comics

With so many superheroes all over film and television right now, I think we can shed the once-perceived notion that comics are just made for kids. Clearly, they’re not. Everyone loves these char...

puppet master comic book

Comic Review: Puppet Master #1-3

For those who may not be aware, one of the longest-running horror franchises in history, Puppet Master, has now returned in the form of a monthly comic book series. This is not the first Puppet Master...

Featured image for Archie's Weird Mysteries

Saturday Mournings: Archie’s Weird Mysteries

Archie Comics were always among the most wholesome form of four-color entertainment. It was the red-headed kid next door getting into goofy and harmless trouble with his pals in the small town of Rive...

Kiah Roache-Turner on Wyrmwood

Kiah Roache-Turner on Wyrmwood [Exclusive Interview]

Australian post-apocalyptic zombie action film Wyrmwood (review) is really gaining some traction now that it’s finally available in select theaters and on VOD. And it doesn’t look to be sl...

Five Exceptionally Grisly Moments from Tales from the Crypt

A few days ago, we took a look at the long and sordid history of the Tales from the Crypt franchise, which began with the line of EC Comics in late 1949-early 1950. The original series only lasted for...

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