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Resident Evil 7

Gamers Rejoice! Resident Evil 7 Has ARRIVED

In a super-exciting press announcement yesterday, January 24, 2017, video-game juggernaut Capcom boasts that “THE NEXT ERA OF HORROR BEGINS TODAY WITH THE RELEASE OF RESIDENT EVIL 7”. And, it very wel...

American Horror Story

This Terrifying American Horror Story VR Teaser Will Delight Gamers

At the infamous San Diego Comic Con, fans of American Horror Story were invited to partake in a particularly interactive teaser.  Those who were brave enough to step up for a first look at Season Six ...

Outlast II

Review: Outlast 2 Demo Promises Not To Disappoint Fans Of The Original

In 2014, an independent game company burst onto the online gaming scene, with their very first, scene-stealing game, Outlast. Most survival horror titles originating in the indie world are met with sk...