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25 Movies On Netflix To Watch Before Halloween

Netflix Streaming can be overwhelming — so many options, yet so hard to browse. We have put together another Netflix list of the top horror films, 25 of them, as of early October 2015 that you may not...

Contracted: Phase II

Review – Contracted: Phase II

Spoilers Ahead. Contracted: Phase II opens with the same sequence that ended Contracted. We see Samantha from the first film in full zombie mode. If you don’t remember the first picture, it followed t...

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Five of the Most Unusual Epidemic Origins

The zombie subgenre is one of the most popular in the current horror film landscape, thanks to the work of pioneers like George A. Romero and the success of The Walking Dead franchise. Recently the id...

A poster for Eric England's Contracted.

A Contracted Sequel is in the Works at IFC Midnight

IFC Midnight has announced that they have signed on as a part of the currently in production follow up to Contracted. The film is currently titled Contracted: Phase II. The sequel will feature some of...