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Clive Barker’s Next Testament, Holy S*** [Graphic Novel Review]

In the beginning, there was the Old Testament where God spent his time asking prophets to sacrifice their children, obliterating cities, and drowning all of humanity but one family. After there was th...


Antiquities of Intrigue: 5 Occult Objects Worse than the Necronomicon

Behold Al-Azif, the Book of Dead Names. The sounds you hear are the nocturnal howlings of demons and the buzzing of thousands of insects. The Greek roughly translates to, “the Image of the Laws of the...

Event Horizon

Seven Movies (Besides Alien) That Prove Space Horror Can Work

Space horror gets a bit of a bad rap. Even when it comes down to the iconic classic of Alien, people tend to stand adamantly on one side of the fence or the other as to whether they even consider it—o...

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Cosmic Frights: Alien Invasion Movies That Don’t Get the Credit They Deserve

We don’t tend to think of aliens as creepy. They’re firmly rooted within the science fiction genre, but have made a huge mark on virtually every other genre as well. Some of the best action/adventure ...

The Other Side of the Door

‘The Other Side of the Door’ Should Probably Stay Shut

“Sometimes, dead is better…” Among the most iconic lines from terror cinema, Fred Gwynne’s delivery of this universal forewarning in Pet Sematary resonates further with a familiar and comforting grace...