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Eight Times the masters of horror mastered other genres - Big Trouble in Little China Banner

Eight Times the Masters of Horror Mastered Other Genres

All horror fans have their favorite directors. We root for these guys. They’re the names we saw over and over again when we started diving into the genre. For many of us, they were the first directors...

A-List actors who should have done more horror - Jennifer Connelly in Phenomena

Back to the ’80s: Dario Argento’s Phenomena

Welcome to Back to the ’80s. This recurring feature aims to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly from horror’s most beloved decade. Regardless of which category a particular film falls under...

Five of the Most Memorable Masters of Horror Episodes - Dario Argento's Jennifer - Masters of Horror

Why Dario Argento’s Jenifer Should be a Feature Film

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Showtime series Masters of Horror, slap yourself. It is one of the best genre-themed series ever. The show first began airing in 2005 and was created by Mi...

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage

How The Bird With the Crystal Plumage Established Argento’s Signature Style

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage was the 1970 debut of Italian director Dario Argento, and that’s pretty amazing considering just how great of a debut feature it is. In some ways, it’s Argento’s most...

Pit and the Pendulum (1991)

Evil Eyes: Forgotten Adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is the biggest name in horror. Even Stephen King has never come close to being as prominent and influential in the genre. Even the highest selling living author can’t outrank the one t...

Wes Craven - Whatever happened to the masters of horror ?

Whatever Happened to the Masters of Horror?

It’s a legitimate question. When it comes to the modern masters of horror, we all know their names: John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Clive Barker, George Romero, Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon, Dario Argento, To...

Masters of Horror

Masters of Horror Episodes That Were Good Enough to be Features

The Showtime series Masters of Horror was one of the best anthology series in recent years. Each episode was an hour long, making them very nearly feature-length already. Some are even considered to b...

Poster forAdam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy's giallo inspired The Editor.

The Giallo Inspired The Editor Debuts A New Poster

[soliloquy id=”7631″] During its exhibition at The American Film Market, the giallo inspired The Editor has debuted a new poster. We have the new one sheet available for you after the jump...

Giallo films shaped the face of modern horror.

Editorial – How the Giallo Helped Shape the Face of the Modern Slasher

[soliloquy id=”11940″] I spent the entire weekend binging on some of my favorite Italian horror films and today felt inspired to put together a piece exploring the influence of the giallo ...