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Ouija 2 . The movie Ouija starring Olivia Cooke directed by Stiles White.

Ouija Movie Review – Spirit Board Scares

[soliloquy id=”12120″] Directed by Stiles White, Ouija, shows us the possible consequences of trying to contact the dead using a spirit board. Ouija starts off with showing two young girls...

What The Demon Really Wanted In Paranormal Activity

Cheeky. It would come as no surprise if the Paranormal Activity demon decided to get frisky. We all know what those potty mouthed forces are like. Love horror memes? Stay tuned for more at WickedHorro...

movie Seance: The Summoning directed and written by Alex Wright.

Seance: The Summoning Movie Review

[soliloquy id=”10319″] Written and directed by Alex Wright, Seance: The Summoning delves into the world of religion, paganism and demons. Seance: The Summoning revolves around a group of f...

Why Exorcism Movies Have to Try Harder to Be Different - Possession Movies - The infamous exorcism movie directed by William Friedkin and written by William Peter Blatty.

Nine Great Exorcism Movies You Need to See

An exorcism is the practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person or an area they are believed to have possessed. For many horror fans like myself, I thoroughly enjoy movies bas...

The movie deliver us from evil directed by Scott Derrickson.

Deliver Us From Evil – Up and Coming Horror

Deliver Us from Evil looks like a promising horror. I love Mr Bana. “Chopper” is and will probably always be one of my favorite films and he’s not bad to look at so Eric Bana in a horror film is a win...