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The Atticus Institute

The Atticus Institute [Advance Review]

Dr. Henry West (William Mapother, The Mentalist), a scientist and a family man, founded the Atticus Institute in the 1970s in order to research Psi abilities—everything ranging from clairvoyance to te...

The Devil Incarnate poster

Review: The Devil Incarnate

[soliloquy id=”14296″] The Devil Incarnate is the first film from indie filmmaker L. Gustavo Cooper, who previously garnered attention by way of his his short film Velvet Road. Devil Incar...

The Possession of Michael King movie poster.

The Possession Of Michael King- Review

[soliloquy id=”6904″] Directed by David Jung, The Possession of Michael King explores the paranormal with devastating consequences. Michael King (Shane Johnson) is a family man with a beau...

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