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Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy is a charming creature feature that will creep you out [Review]

Itsy Bitsy  is a creature feature that follows Walter Clark (Bruce Davison of X-Men) and his newly hired live-in nurse Kara Spencer (Elizabeth Roberts of Word Party). Kara has mysteriously moved herse...

pet sematary - Unearthed & Untold

Unearthed and Untold is the Perfect Doc for Pet Sematary Fans [Review]

A project nearly five years in the making, Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary, a comprehensive documentary about one of genre’s most beloved films, is finally here. I was beyond ex...

Tobe Hooper’s Mortuary is an Overlooked Contemporary Classic

Mortuary follows Jonathan Doyle, a teenager with a pissy attitude who moves half way across the country to a new town with his mother Leslie and little sister Jamie. Leslie purchased an ugly, old, run...