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The Foxiest Silver Foxes in Horror

By definition a silver fox is a handsome, grey-haired man. But, to me, a silver fox is much more than that. It  is a man who has truly experienced life, a gent that is full of wisdom and accomplishmen...

Dr Loomis

“Boy, Do I Hate Being Right All the Time” Why Dr. Loomis Remains One of Horror’s Greatest Heroes

Halloween is one of the few modern horror franchises to bring back its protagonist almost as many times as its antagonist. For a long time, all the way up until Donald Pleasance’s passing, Dr. Sam Loo...

Friday the 13th Part VI novel

Moments in Horror Novelizations That Change the Way We See the Characters

Back in the day, every movie got a novelization. They were mostly seen as great for people who didn’t want to commit fully to reading or for children who needed to coast through a book report. E...