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Drag Me to Hell

10 Years Later, Drag Me to Hell Boasts Brilliant SFX and a Dodgy Premise

2009 was kind of a dodgy year for horror (Birdemic! The Friday the 13th remake with stoner Jason! Lesbian Vampire Killers!) but amidst the money-raking studio fare a few gems stood out, not least of w...

Poltergeist - Horror movies that are surprisingly family friendly - Movies you can watch with your non-horror loving parents

Seven Gruesome Scenes from Relatively Tame Movies

There are horror movies we watch just because they’re gruesome. Films like Hostel, Saw, or even extremes like Cannibal Holocaust take us to a dark, dark place if we’re willing to go. Not every feature...

Why Christine Brown in Drag Me to Hell Deserved Everything She Got

Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell is equal parts Evil Dead and Thinner. It’s a supernatural Romani revenge story told through Raimi’s signature style. It’s over-the-top and things go insane, just the way yo...

Horror films on Netflix - New on Netflix. Netflix logo for new to streaming movies.

20 Classic Horror Films On Netflix UK That You Should See

Many Netflix users will say that the UK Netflix offerings pale in comparison to the US counterpart. While that may be true for newer movies, there are a number of noteworthy classic horror films on Ne...

Mrs Ganush from the movie Drag me to hell.

Top Scary Old Folk Of Horror Cinema

Most horror movies are remembered for their iconic killers, trademark murders, creepy ambiance and scary kids. Every now and again we get someone much older who shows us all not to forget that the eld...

The poster for the Sam Raimi horror film Drag Me to Hell.

Drag Me To Hell – Sam Raimi Review

[soliloquy id=”6794″] Since Sam Raimi is doing Poltergeist in 2015, lets review Drag Me to Hell from the man who brought you Evil Dead and the Spiderman series. It has its high points and ...