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ed and lorraine warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren

RIP Lorraine Warren, Thanks For the Scares

The world of the paranormal has suffered a major loss this week. It was announced earlier that renowned paranormal investigator, Lorraine Rita Warren has passed away at the age of 92. Lorraine and her...

Ed and Lorraine Warren

True Horror: Are Ed and Lorraine Warren Actually Frauds?

Ed and Lorraine Warren are two of the most divisive names in the paranormal field. Their cases, of course, are legend. And they have found even more success as the subjects of the 2013 film The Conjur...

The Conjuring 2 - State of Fear - Conjuring 2 Banner Poster

The Super-Spooky Trailer For The Conjuring 2 Is Here!

The highly-anticipated follow up to James Wan’s smash hit fright-fest The Conjuring, entitled The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist is set to hit US theatres on June 10th (the UK follows a we...

Noteworthy Paranormal investigators in horror

Noteworthy Paranormal Investigators in Horror

Who can you turn to when you are attacked by someone—or something—that you cannot see? Experiencing paranormal phenomena can be detrimental to a person’s health, especially if they don’t have an...