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The Thing

Advance Review: Friend Request Makes An Entire Movie Out Of Unfriended’s Lamest Moment

The past few years have gifted us a couple of great Internet horror movies in Unfriended and The Den. The former, unfairly dismissed by those unwilling to look beyond its gimmicky premise to spot the ...


Holidays Is A Frightfully Fun Anthology [Review]

Anthologies are big business right now, with Tales Of Halloween and A Christmas Horror Story both storming the boards last year and a hugely-anticipated Tales From The Crypt TV reboot on the way very ...

Green Room Movie - starring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart

Advance Review: Green Room Is The First Great Horror Movie Of 2016

I have a difficult relationship with punk rock; love the music, hate the insufferable elitists so often involved with it. A group of some such loathsome types are the focal point of Green Room, Jeremy...


Review: JeruZalem Is A Thrilling ‘Americans Abroad’ Horror Movie

That big ‘Z’ in Jeruzalem is worrisome. A zombie movie set in the holy city? Prepare your Zombie Jesus jokes (if, indeed, there are any left that haven’t been done to death–no ...

Beast Within

Review: Beast Within Is A Flawed, But Fun, Werewolf Movie

The last few years have seen a sort-of werewolf resurgence in horror. Wolfcop, Howl, and Late Phases, to name just three such titles released during this time, proved that lycan-themed stories could b...

The Other Side of the Door

Review: The Other Side Of The Door Is Yet Another Dull, Derivative Studio Horror Movie

In its first, big jump scare moment (the first of many), The Other Side Of The Door utilises the coffin, and decomposing body, of a dead child that is being dug up so his ashes can be used to make con...

The Wave

Review: The Wave Is An Entertaining Mix Of Disaster Movie And Tourist Brochure

Advances in graphic design technology have led to disaster movies looking, if not more realistic, much bigger and more destructive than ever before. No longer will we have to wonder what the Statue Of...

Nina Forever

Review: Nina Forever Is A Sweet, Sexy And Surprisingly Poignant Rom-Zom-Com

Back in 2004, a little British zombie flick, with an on-the-nose title, called Shaun Of The Dead bludgeoned its way into our collective hearts while simultaneously, and somewhat unknowingly, kick-star...

The Pack

Review: The Pack Is Fast, Ferocious And Fearsome

The phrase “Jaws with [insert other creature here]” has been so overused over the past forty years as to render it redundant. In the case of inspired Aussie creature feature The Pack howev...