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IT Chapter Two is a Frightening, Funny, and Surprisingly Moving Return to Derry [Review]

Back in 2017, IT shocked horror audiences by being, well, pretty bloody great. The kids were cute rather than annoying, Bill  Skarsgård put a terrifying new spin on a character already made iconic by ...

The Addams Family Halloween

Check Out the Teaser for the New Addams Family Movie!

They’re kooky, ooky, spooky, and…they’re back! Well, in animated form at least. Everyone’s favorite weirdo family, the inimitable Addamses, return to theaters (and our hearts) ...

Pennywise in the film IT

Advance Review: IT. Holy S**T.

It’s been an insanely good year for horror, from Get Out to Raw, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe to Personal Shopper and the massive shock of soon-to-be-released surprise Hatchet sequel Victor Crowley, ...