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The Crow Remake

Unexpected Guests: Seven Non-Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

One of the best things about the Halloween season is that it’s the time of the year when everyone decides to take an interest in the things we love all year round. Sometimes, this translates to mainst...

Ernest Scared Stupid

Ernest Scared Stupid: A Look Back at the Campy Kiddie Horror (That Traumatized Me as a Child)

For anyone not familiar with the Ernest films, they were a comedy series aimed at children that presented a lovable idiot hick getting himself into increasingly baffling situation that simultaneously ...

Horror documentaries

Seven Spooky Documentaries to Round Out Your Halloween Season

Everyone loves to watch their favorite horror movies, their favorite Halloween TV specials and even read their favorite scary stories when October rolls around. But doing enough of this can sometimes ...

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Nat’s Five (Additional) Picks to Watch on Halloween

We all have certain things that we love to watch around the Halloween season, if not on the day itself. Sometims they’re the movies that best represent the holiday for us, some have nostalgic value in...

Great Pumpkin CHarlie Brown

Horror Lite: Great Animated Classics to Watch This Halloween Season

It can get tough being a kid around the Halloween season. Even though everything is designed to cater towards children and trick or treating, if you’re young and getting into the horror genre, you’re ...

Zak's top five horror films to watch on halloween - Night of the Demons -

B-Rated Halloween Movies to Pumpkin Spice Up Your Season

Everyone has their favorite horror movies to watch around the Halloween season. Here at Wicked Horror, we’re even giving our personal faves throughout the month. Usually, people watch the classics, th...

Halloween Most outrageous deaths in the Halloween franchise - Halloween Returns

Tis Nearly the Season: Spooky Ways to Pass the Time Until October

It’s almost the Halloween season. Almost. Because of that, September can be a rough time for horror fans. It’s very nearly our time of the year, but not quite. It can get pretty hard, running down tho...