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Kane Hodder - Jennifer Tilly

Frightfest 2017 Interview: Adam Green and Kane Hodder Talk Victor Crowley

Right before Frightfest 2017 took over Leicester Square in London, fan-favourite genre filmmaker Adam Green shocked the world by unveiling a brand-new, fourth movie in the Hatchet franchise entitled V...

Frightfest 2017 Review: Victor Crowley

It was the best kept secret since Blair Witch (a new trend in horror? Let’s hope so) as fan-favourite filmmaker Adam Green, at what attendees were told was a special, tenth anniversary screening...

The popular Hatchet movies that star Kane Hodder as horror character Victor Crowley.

Adam Green (And Victor Crowley) Shock The World With Surprise New Hatchet Movie!

Last night, on August 23, 2017 fans, celebs and journalists gathered at Hollywood’s Arclight Cinema for what they believed was a tenth anniversary celebration for Adam Green’s slasher fan ...

The Cabin in the Woods

Five Movies That Prove You Should Never Leave the House Again

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that causes sufferers to fear and often avoid situations which cause them to feel trapped or helpless. For many people, these feared circumstances involve being in p...

horror games based on 80s slasher movies

Five Badass Video Games Based on ’80s Slasher Movies

Video games have come a long way since the Pong days, and with a heavier and heavier focus on narrative, more cinematic qualities have become present in recent days. So what’s the obvious place to loo...

Marybeth with Reverend Zombie in Hatchet II.

Noteworthy Heroines of Horror: Marybeth from the Hatchet Series

Noteworthy Heroines of Horror is a recurring segment on Wicked Horror where we shine the spotlight on a female character from the annals of horror history that has made a significant contribution to t...

Poster for Jen and Sylvia Soska's See No Evil 2.

Five Recent Movies That Prove the Slasher Film Isn’t Dead

The heyday of the slasher was from roughly 1981 to 1984. This is an extremely short amount of time, but there were plenty of movies that helped to define that genre well before that. Psycho, Texas Cha...

Adam Green

Exclusive Interview – Adam Green On Fans, Flicks & Festivals

Fan favourite Adam Green speaks to Joey Keogh about fans, flicks and the importance of being treated like a normal human being at festivals. Adam Green has always been a horror fan’s filmmaker. Withou...

The popular Hatchet movies that star Kane Hodder as horror character Victor Crowley.

Voorhees Vs Crowley – Who Is The Deadliest Killer

  Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, and Victor Crowley from Hatchet, are two of the horror’s genre’s most deadliest (literally) killers, but who really is the most deadly character...

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