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Haunt [2019] Set Visit Report

Nearly two years ago, I found myself in Northern Kentucky, on the set of an indie film with a group of fellow journalists. This wasn’t just any independent production, it was a flick directed by...

Haunt [Frightfest 2019 Review]

Haunt isn’t the most obvious follow-up to the genre-redefining A Quiet Place, and yet the writers of that rather brilliant film have chosen it as, technically, their next project. Okay, so, in r...

The Other Side of the Door

‘The Other Side of the Door’ Should Probably Stay Shut

“Sometimes, dead is better…” Among the most iconic lines from terror cinema, Fred Gwynne’s delivery of this universal forewarning in Pet Sematary resonates further with a familiar and comforting grace...

The poster art for the movie Haunt directed by Max Carter.

Haunt Movie Review- Ghostly Affairs

[soliloquy id=”10150″] Directed by Max Carter and written by Andrew Barrer, Haunt brings us a ghostly story of affairs and tragedy. Haunt bases itself around the Asher family who buy an is...