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Ash vs Evil Dead Complete Collection

Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection is the Groovy and Spectacular Swan Song of an Icon [Blu-Ray Review]

When prophecies spoke of a timeless hero, they were probably alluding to someone with a tad more integrity and someone less fond of dick jokes than Ash Williams. In a war against ancient evil, however...

GamesCom 2016 Reveals Game-play Trailer For Horror Gem Agony

GamesCom is an annual trade fair that is held for video games and video game companies in Cologne, Germany. The four day convention boasts being the world’s largest gaming event, with visitor numbers ...

The Devil and Daniel Webster

My Soul to the Devil: A Cultural History

Nearly every major religion has a belief system based on good and bad, and each of those religions has a malevolent figure who rules over the bad. The Christian-based faith groups have Satan…The Devil...

Urban Legend: The Killer in the back seat

Ten Urban Legends That Should Be Horror Movies

Urban legends are modern society’s version of folklore, passed along by word-of-mouth (and, these days, the Internet). Although many of them begin with a kernel of truth, they evolve organically...