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Spooky Empire

Event Recap: Spooky Empire 2019

Spooky Empire has come and gone for another year and this fall show was truly the perfect way to close out the Halloween season. Last year’s October event was, for many, a bit of a misfire. For me, pe...

IT Openings 28 Weeks Later The Ring Halloween

Five of the Greatest Horror Film Openings

We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. So, it stands to reason, we also should not judge a film by its poster. But we have to judge these damn things somehow! Synopses are not alwa...

Spooky Empire

Spooky Empire 2018 [Event Recap]

I’ve been going to Spooky Empire since literally the first week that I moved to Florida. It was just a convention that happened to be going on around me with a great guest list and I needed to decompr...

Spooky Empire

Event Recap: Spooky Empire Retro

Spooky Empire Retro was clearly designed with an attitude of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The location is exactly the same as last April, at the Wyndham Orlando, which was once a longtime home f...

Spooky Empire

Event Recap: Spooky Empire

This past weekend’s Spooky Empire convention was an improvement over the last and one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at a con in a long time. For a few years, Spooky Empire has been located at t...

panel at Texas Frightmare Weekend

Why Every Horror Fan Should Attend At Least One Convention

The experience of attending your first horror convention is unequaled. Being surrounded by all the scary and spooky things that you love, and sharing that with hundreds, maybe thousands, of other peop...

First-Annual Shock Pop ComicCon

Event Report: Shock Pop ComicCon

I was able to attend the first annual Shock Pop ComicCon this past weekend, and am happy to say that it was a well put together, competent event. It’s always a gamble with a new event and I was somewh...

Internet Troll

Editorial: Why You Should Resolve to Stop Being a Troll in 2015

I am jumping on my soapbox for a minute to discuss something I can’t quite wrap my head around: The nasty tendencies brought out in people by the Internet. Gamergate brought Internet trolls to t...

Poster for Kyle Kuchta's Fantasm

Advance Review – Fantasm

[soliloquy id=”12165″] Fantasm is a documentary exploring the world of horror conventions from the perspective of a horror fan. It provides a look into the lives of the merchants, celebrit...