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Baby Names

Five Baby Names Ruined by Horror Movies

When choosing a baby name, we usually avoid those with any negative or creepy connotations. Such names are typically avoided because of the associations they carry. You don’t want your child to be the...

Nine Horror Franchises Driven by Great Female Villains

Horror movie villains are traditionally male. While there definitely are slashers where the killer turns out to be female at the end, they’re very uncommon. Even more uncommon, though, is to see femal...

Misery - Most Innovative Motives

Eight of the Most Inventive Motives in Horror Movies

A good motive can make or break a horror movie. If you can’t understand where the villain is coming from, sometimes it can make them scarier, but more often than not, it only makes them unbelievable a...

Sleepaway Camp - Least Surprising Plot Twists - Seven Villains Who Need More Recognition - Sleepaway Camp as a Trans Narrative

Seven Villains Who Need More Recognition

Every fan has their favorite villains, their favorite monsters. In general, villains are a huge part of the appeal of the horror genre. They creep us out, maybe they even outright terrify us, but we c...