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Five Horror Novelizations worth a Closer Look

A now dying art for fans of the horror genre, the novelization once enhanced the experience for the carnage obsessed bookworm. Arguably a way for the filmmakers to further cash in on a movie, the nove...

The Fury reissue book cover larger

Book Review – The Fury by John Farris

Horror fans will most likely know the story of The Fury through Brian DePalma’s 1978 film adaptation. Released just two years after his other classic movie about teens with supernatural powers, ...

richard laymon

Laymon’s Terms: Examining the Untapped Cinematic Potential of Richard Laymon

While slashers dominated the screen in the 1980’s, splatterpunk dominated the page. The movement was about going as far as possible, going to extremes to unnerve and shock the reader. Naturally, this ...