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The Guest

Retro Groove: Seven of the Best Horror Soundtracks of the Decade So Far

Something beautiful is happening in horror right now… well, in the soundtracks at least. There have been so many films made recently with a retro tone and style, harkening back to the colorful pop of ...

The Lost Boys: The Beginning 1987

What Happened to Pop Horror Soundtracks (And Why We Need More of Them)

For certain horror movies, the soundtrack release became as famous and well regarded as the film itself. The Lost Boys is a classic example of this, as is The Crow if you count that as horror. There a...

Shocker - Horror Movie Soundtracks

Horror Movie Soundtracks That Deserve a Legitimate Release

One of the best things about being a horror fan right now is that we are finding ourselves in a resurgence of interest in soundtracks and soundtrack collecting that is kind of unbelievable. We’re seei...

Things you probably never noticed in your favorite horror films.

Horror Soundtracks That Need to be Re-Released

The horror soundtrack has pretty much become a lost art. Obviously music is still a part of the genre, but there’s no real effort being made that I can see to put out an album tie-in. And we’re not ta...

Suspiria soundtracks a beginner's guide to argento - Horror Trilogies - Horror movies that would make great haunted house attractions

Five Soundtracks That Completely Made the Movie

Music is incredibly important to a horror film. It helps set up the scares, pace out the action and sets the mood of the piece overall. When horror is at its best, the images and soundtrack work in pe...

John Carpenter - Horror personalities that deserve their face on American currency

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes to be Released as Digital Download

We have just learned that Sacred Bones will be releasing John Carpenter‘s Lost Themes album as a digital download. We have more details and the track listing for the upcoming release inside. Con...

Waxwork Records

Waxwork Records Rolls Out an Awesome Subscription Package for the New Year

The genre film focused Waxwork Records is always delighting horror fans and vinyl enthusiasts with some kind of amazing soundtrack release on vinyl and today is not exception. We have gotten word from...

Death Waltz

Mondo Acquires Death Waltz Recording Company

We have big news for vinyl aficionados: We’ve just learned that popular vinyl manufacturer Mondo has acquired Death Waltz Recording Company. Mondo was behind the vinyl release of the Maniac (198...