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Alla Xul Elu Drops By For a Chat (Exclusive)

In the underground horrorcore hip hop scene, few bands have been able to make a mark as quickly as Ohio’s Alla Xul Elu have. The unholy pairing of Alla Xul Elu’s Billy Obey, Joe Black and ...

Razakel the female horrorcore rapper.

Introducing Razakel: Bad to the Bone.

Hailing from Ogden, Utah, Razakel, is not the sweet girl next door. She is the self proclaimed “Jodi Arias of your area” as her lyrics suggest. With a strong fan base Razakel has a unique ...

The Buttress

Introducing The Buttress: All-Round Badass

Badass is just one word to describe The Buttress, AKA The Flyest Buttress. Straight outta New Jersey, this artist, musician, filmmaker and female rapper has the swag, the sound and the vision. She doe...


Horrorcore Rapper Kardiac and The Country Road Cover Up

As we’ve pointed out in the past, music videos can be anything from basic lip syncing and fish eye lenses to something much more creative. New York underground horrorcore rapper Kardiac is set to blur...