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Night Mind Nick Nocturne

The Wonderful World of ARGs Part 2: A Conversation With ARG investigator Nick Nocturne

Nick Nocturne is the charming host of the YouTube channel Night Mind, a must see for those who consume horror related content on the regular. With longform videos and engaging livestreams on his chann...

ARG Alternative Reality Games

Exploring The Wonderful World of Alternative Reality Games, Part 1

Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, and Sonic.exe are all well-known creepypastas, “horror-related legends or images that have been copied and pasted around the Internet. These Internet entries are often bri...

#LIKE is a Thought-Provoking, Sensitively-Played Horror Story for the #MeToo Generation [Review]

The title of #LIKE is slightly misleading, not because the movie doesn’t revolve around Internet usage (it does, at least at first), but because it suggests this is an Unfriended-style scare-fes...


Followers Proves Internet Horror Is Here To Stay [Review]

Internet horror is so hot right now. And why shouldn’t it be? Facebook is stealing our data, Twitter is turning us all into hate-filled monsters, and Instagram is…well, according to new mo...

The Thing

Advance Review: Friend Request Makes An Entire Movie Out Of Unfriended’s Lamest Moment

The past few years have gifted us a couple of great Internet horror movies in Unfriended and The Den. The former, unfairly dismissed by those unwilling to look beyond its gimmicky premise to spot the ...

vlog movie review

Vlog Has Blood And Gore Galore [Review]

Vlog is definite blood and gore galore! Directed by Joshua Butler, if you hate the site of blood, this is not for you. This film is from the producers of SAW, Twisted Pictures, so what are you expecti...