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New on Netflix

New on Netflix: July 6th, 2018

New on Netflix is a weekly feature here at Wicked Horror where we take a look at the latest additions to everyone’s favorite streaming service. It can be tough sifting through all those horror titles,...

Interview with the Vampire

How Interview With the Vampire Defined A-List Horror in the 1990s

Horror movies in the late ‘90s were defined by Scream. Everything followed on its heels and tried to imitate that movie. I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend, Valentine, Cherry Falls, it spaw...

Interview with the Vampire

Interview With The Vampire Reboot Happening, With BIG Star Rumoured For Leading Role

Yesterday marked the fortieth anniversary of Anne Rice’s hit horror novel Interview With The Vampire, the popular film adaptation of which turned twenty just a couple of years ago itself. Aside ...

Horror Performances by A-List Actors Misery 1990 - Horror movies with an incredibly simple premise

Seven Great Horror Performances by A-List Actors

Acting is often hit or miss in the horror genre, which is why horror fans are so eager to latch onto good performances. Horror is a great way for actors to get their start, which is why so many perfor...

Horror filming locations we'd like to visit

Five Horror Filming Locations We’d Like to See

Over the summer, the home occupied by Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs went up for sale in Perryopolis, PA. The four bedroom, one bath home doesn’t offer the spacious dungeon observed in the film,...