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Four Terrible Movies from Great Horror Directors

The masters of horror are incredibly talented individuals. We all know who they are and are familiar with their many accomplishments. They’ve given great things to the genre. But in a director’s caree...

Invaders from Mars

Why Tobe Hooper’s Invaders from Mars is So Much Fun In Spite of Itself

People love to complain about remakes. It’s the go-to complaint of the modern horror fan. But even those people, hopefully, would admit that the 1980s was a great time for remakes, particularly remake...

Tobe Hooper

Disaster/Artist: The Mind-Boggling Career of Tobe Hooper

Of all the masters of horror, Tobe Hooper has the most confounding career. He’s done enough to earn the title, but not enough to stand comfortably beside contemporaries like John Carpenter and Wes Cra...

Deadly Spawn poster 1983

From The Thing To The Deadly Spawn: Whatever Happened to Aliens as Movie Monsters?

Sure, aliens pretty much hold a corner on the market in the science fiction genre, but they have also been a mainstay of the horror genre since its inception. Of course, the biggest surge in movies ab...