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Ichi the Killer

Blu-Ray Review: Ichi the Killer is a Stunning Restoration of One of Takashi Miike’s Best

Ichi the Killer is one of the most influential movies of the early 2000s. It is absolutely one of the standout films from director Takashi Miike, which says a lot, because he’s directed over 100 of th...

Apartment 1303

Remake Comparison: Apartment 1303

Note: This article contains SPOILERS for the films Apartment 1303 (2007) and Apartment 1303 3D (2012). America used to love remaking Japanese horror films. The Ring and The Grudge have become staples ...

Sadako vs Kayako - Sadako vs. Kayako

First Clip From Sadako Vs Kayako Teases Origins Of THAT Tape

With the news that Shudder has picked up US distro rights for epic, J-horror smack-down Sadako Vs Kayako, it was only a matter of time before we were inundated with teasers. Hot on the heels of that a...

Sadako vs. Kayako

Frightfest 2016 Review: Sadako Vs Kayako

After about a hundred remakes, sequels, prequels and spinoffs it’s difficult to understand what new territory the Ring and Grudge series could possibly broach. The solution, it would seem, lies ...

Sadako vs. Kayako

Frightfest 2016 Spotlight: Sadako Vs Kayako

With less than a month to go until Frightfest takes over the Vue in Shepherds Bush, Joey Keogh takes a look at some of the most anticipated movies on this year’s jam-packed schedule. This week, itR...

Sadako vs Kayako - Sadako vs. Kayako

Second Sadako Vs Kayako Trailer Teases The Carnage!

Last week, we brought you the super-exciting first trailer for upcoming J-horror smackdown Sadako Vs Kayako, which sees the titular spirits, from Ju-On and Ringu respectively, take each other on in gl...

The Ring

Paramount Teasing Annual Ring Sequels?

Following in the ghostly footsteps of Paranormal Activity, it was announced at this year’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas that another burgeoning horror franchise may be looking to take the reigns and s...

Over your dead body

Over Your Dead Body [Frightfest 2015 Review]

Acclaimed Japanese film-maker Takashi Miike sticks to his tried and tested formula of making at least one movie per year with chilly revenge shocker Over Your Dead Body, a flick that boldly attempts t...

Attack on Titan Film

Review: Attack on Titan

Based on the incredibly popular manga and anime of the same name, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is a bit of a strange beast. Set in post-apocalyptic Earth, the remainder of humanity resides in ...

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