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Not Quite Horror: The Best Of 2016

It’s been a scary year all round, but at least that means we’ve got more and more spooky stuff seeping into the otherwise normal fare showing ’round the local multiplex. To that end,...

Not Quite Horror: Hell Or High Water (2016)

Horror is evolving as a genre. Although your local multiplex is still loaded with the usual contenders, look a bit closer and you’ll find the latest drama, thriller, or crime offering is closer to hor...

The new king kong movie skull island starring Tom Hiddleston.

Animal Kingdom- Beasts You Wouldn’t Want As Pets

Animals are cute right? Many of us get a pet to show us love and affection at any given time.  We all love a furry friend. Unless they try to eat us that is. Read on below for our top terrifying anima...