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Chopping Mall

Script to Pieces: Chopping Mall Remake

Welcome to Script to Pieces, a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where we look at the best, most interesting and at times most unbelievable horror movies that never happened. Sometimes these will be ...

Swamp Thing

Why Swamp Thing Worked So Well in Comics (But Not on Film)

If you’re not a comic book fan, you’re at least probably familiar with the name Swamp Thing. Maybe you remember it from the campy-but-fun Wes Craven movie. With that film, its sequel and subsequent TV...

Chopping Mall

Blu-Ray Review: Vestron Video’s Chopping Mall

Chopping Mall finds a group of friends locked in their local shopping center when they stay after hours to party. The storm that is brewing outside causes the mall’s security robots to malfuncti...

Cult Corner: Bone Eater

Welcome to Cult Corner where we dive through the bargain bins to determine if a movie is trash or treasure. Today’s pick… Jim Wynorski’s Bone Eater. These TV movies are going to kill me. B...