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Long Live the Yorkies: Recapping the 2nd Annual Movie Crypt 48 Hour Marathon

They did it again. Adam Green and Joe Lynch not only managed to sit down and podcast for 48 hours straight, they shattered last year’s 14,000 record for donations to Save a Yorkie Rescue by raising ju...

Joe Lynch

Frightfest 2017 Interview: Joe Lynch On Mayhem

Writer-director, and sometimes actor, Joe Lynch has long been a fan favourite among horror aficionados, often unfairly cast in the shadow of his hetero life-mate (and podcast co-host on The Movie Cryp...

Exclusive Interview: Joe Lynch Talks Mayhem

Joe Lynch hit the horror scene in the mid-2000s with the release of his first feature film, Wrong Turn 2. Since then, he’s continued to excel as a director with movies like Knights of Badassdom and Ev...

Kane Hodder - Jennifer Tilly

Best Of Frightfest 2017

Usually, when I do a Best Of wrap-up after Frightfest, the list encompasses five must-see movies that I haven’t stopped thinking about since the festival ended. This year, the quality was so inc...

Mayhem is Gory Fun [Frightfest 2017 Review]

Joe Lynch has had an interesting career thus far. The man most well-known among genre fans for being the other guy on super-popular podcast The Movie Crypt alongside longtime buddy Adam Green, and for...


Yorkies Never Say Die: Recapping The Movie Crypt 48 Hour Marathon

“My legs are whiter than the Oscars.” “I saw a butthole in that car back there.” These are some of the moments you missed if you did not tune into The Movie Crypt’s 48 hour marathon to benefit Save a ...


Exclusive Interview: Adam Green (and Surprise Guest) Talk 3-Day Movie Crypt Podcast

Adam Green is among the most prolific of the current crop of modern horror directors. Not only has he created the successful Hatchet franchise—of which he directed the first two installments—but he ha...

Everly is just as badass as she is beautiful.

Everly and The Misidentification of Misogyny in Horror Films

When I first heard of director Joe Lynch’s latest film, Everly, it sounded like something right up my alley. Everly is the story of a woman trapped in an apartment by a brutal mob boss who sends...


Holliston to Return to Television (Sort of)

Adam Green’s much beloved but short lived horror sitcom Holliston is making its return to the small screen. Well, it’s making its return. Head inside for full details on the series’ ...

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